A Redux

Hello Dear Readers,

Sorry for the absence but I had a bit of a crisis of faith in regards to this blog. The origin wasn’t my idea but came at the prompting of friends and after a week of posts, I had few likes and only one person commented and I felt like I was yelling into a void.

I think the problem is the word press site which requires you to have an account in order to comment and, frankly, I wouldn’t comment on my own blog if that was the case.

One of my pet peeves is having to sign up. I really can stand that I cannot like or comment without having to register and become a member, jumping through hoops and now spam for just trying to say “good job”.

I understand and feel your pain.

I wanted this to be interactive and have people comment or suggest. If you had abetter way to get into Paris, suggest it! If you have a great restaurant in Istanbul, recommend it. If you have an idea for a new post, tell me where to go!!!!

So, dear readers, if you are paying attention, I will ask you to bear with me a bit longer.

Ideally, and for ease, this will stay here but, if I cannot work out an easy way to allow you to comment and add your ideas, then I will move this elsewhere.

Thank you for your support

My name is Jules and I approved this message but I don’t know how long I will approve it from here


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