What is in the bag, Sir?

A slight tangent at the behest of my friend Cynthia @cyfo on what do I bring with me on my travels.

So with little further ado, my Top travel companions:

1) the bag itself: this is my backpack and its benefit is that it has a dozen pockets and compartments, slots and Velcros to keep things organized and partitioned so it doesn’t all sit as a lump in the bottom, plus two secure compartments in the bag for passport and other items requiring a bit of extra security.

Add the obligatory decorations so that I can find it quickly.

2) My organizer.

It holds passport, tickets, boarding cards, airline affinity cards, a copy of my medical records with pockets for my current flight items on the outside.

3) ziplock bags:

I used them to organize my liquids and gels, wires, battery packs, just about everything gets packed into one so that they can be pulled out for rapid inspection at the airport if necessary as you never know, country to country, what will get flagged. also useful if you get wet and need a quick change. Or need to store something that you don’t want contaminating your other items.

4) A charging hub.

More and more items are charged vis USB these days, including my Sony #a7iii camera pack and rather than bringing along in wall plugs for everything, this unit charges all at the same time. I like my 10 pack as it does the iPad, my #samsung9+ , my camera, the various power banks and is helpful at an airport when there is on electric plug and you need to share

5) Power Banks.

Unfortunately, batteries just don’t last and when your phone pulls multiple duties for snaps, battery drain is quick, particularly my wife’s iPhone, so these need to come everywhere. We have a big un and a couple of smaller units.

6) My #sony #a7iii.

While only having the camera for a week, it is already ranking as my favorite and is brilliant in low light situations. I can’t wait to stock up on the lenses to really maximize its capabilities.

7) A safety pin.

seems silly but if you are changing phone chips, it is a very useful tool to have.

8) Pens.

How many forms do you have to fill out for visas and other documents. When I was in Beijing, I had the benefit of filling my form out while standing in line, where as someone who walked with me was stuck at one of the desks with a pen and ended up falling behind. Definitely worthwhile having a couple with you at any time.

9) A water bottle

You never know when you can’t get something to drink and this, plus a carbon straw are invaluable.

10) wipes.

Airplanes and most travel locations are dirty, no getting around it, no one cleans seat back trays, armrests and that is where the bulk of airplane flu comes from. An easy travel pack can make the difference between a great time in Bangkok and a week suffering from a cold.

11) a portable scale for weighing luggage

We all hate fees, this will help you.

* NB airport scales vary greatly, they don’t seems to be well maintained so challenge any overages

My name is Jules and I approved this message


One Comment Add yours

  1. greekinsingapore says:

    Omg Jules
    I have most of those items when I travel too
    Including safety pin


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