It’s the middle of the night – airplanes and insomnia

20181018_132652.jpgI have slept three years on airplanes, over 1100 overnight flights. This is my fourth one since the voyage began. I am also in my fifth time zone on my forth airline, third continent, sixth country, 100,000th air mile…you get the picture on how the numbers add up.

My watch tells me it is 6:03, I just don’t know where it is 6:03.

You wake up at 3am, fall asleep on a bus at 11am, fly the rest of the day and then have dinner and play the sleep lottery after: will today be the day? Come on 8 hours!!!

Crap, snake eyes,

It’s 2am, I’m up, my legs are numb, my feet are cold, I haven’t been able to turn my neck in two days. Yes, it is worth it. In the last week and change, I have walked the seine, seen the louvre, the Eiffel Tower, said goodbye to Switzerland, negotiated the grand bazaar, entered the blue mosque, toured Seoul, seen the sights of Sydney, swam in the Pacific Ocean, played in the surf. Met a fellow westmounter who was delayed going on to Bali.

You get great pics in the darkness but it reminds you of how alone you are.

I am doing this run because it had to be done. I don’t do simple, but understand that I have earned every mile, every upgrade, every airline privilege.

It is fun, I never said it was easy.

My name is Jules and I approved this message.


One Comment Add yours

  1. greekinsingapore says:

    Amazing Jules
    I can so feel your pain through every word


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