Jet lag in full effect (a side bar about losing one’s fezzes.)

When I worked for the mining company, safety was a religious activity and I once reported on the effects of sleeplessness and insomnia. On how, after so many hours without sleep, your reaction time equal X level of drunkenness and the effects on your body.

Well, this trip has been an empirical voyage .

During my trip to Istanbul, I ran into the grand bazaar to buy two fezzes: one green and one burgundy (pictured here:

Well, on the ensuing flight to Incheon, I left my Fezzes, the present that I was bringing to my Australia hosts, Zia Cynthia and Zio Domi and some Turkish Lira.

I was so wiped that I didn’t even realize that I left it all behind.

So, picture this: Incheon Airport, Gate 25, an innocent traveler in the flower of his youth walks up to the gate to check in to his flight to Sydney when a member of the Asiana crew approaches him and asks if he is Mr, D’Isep who was on the flight from Istanbul.

Why yes. He replies and he is handed a bag with his unbeknownst lost wares. He is happy at the reunion as he has his gift back for his hosts.

He boards his flight, packs his items into the overhead bins and enjoys the ride from Incheon to Sydney

Where he promptly forgets his bag once again.

So long Iznhik tiles, so long Fezzes, it’s like I hardly knew you.


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